Save Time & Cost and Stay Updated 24*7.

M anaging an Event is a complex task as it involves co-ordination at multiple fronts. Most challenging task amongst all is reaching Target Audience conveniently and staying updated about progress of Event Booking.

EventME, a user friendly digital platform, empowers Event Organiser to reach Target Audience at Ease and Convenience. Event Organiser posts Events on EventME and reaches Target Audience 24*7.

Target Audience can book the Event at their "Convenience" using any of their favourite devices i.e. Mobile, Notepad, Laptop and Desktop.

EventME monitors the progress of every booking on real time and keep Event Organiser Updated. In Short, EventME saves your precious which you can utilise for making your Event, The Most Memorable Event for your guests.

With EventME

User friendly EventME empowers Event Organiser in managing event at ease with perfection. Let's have a Look, how we empower you:

Customise Event Page

Theme and Essence of the Event is expressed better when you have freedom to customise your communication. EventME offers full freedom to customise Event Page with an option to add images and videos. Wow, isn’t it.

Save Time and Stay Update on Real Time

Reaching target audience through multiple channels has two biggest disadvantages i.e. Time Consuming to Prepare Progress Report and Report is Never Prepared on Real Time. EventME keeps you updated on Real Time with a click and this Saves Time as well. Isn't it.

Cost Saving

EventME issues customised tickets of each Event. Hence Organizer does not require to Print Tickets. Thus Saving Cost and precious Time as well. Brilliant Isn’t It.

Personalised Invitation

With EventME, send Personalised invitation to your guest on click at no Extra Cost. Nothing better than being personalised. Isn’t it?

Simplify What is Complex

It is a complex task to consolidate booking with 100% accuracy when you book Multiple Tickets of Event through Multiple Channels. EventME does all complex tasks on its own and provide you consolidated report in most simple manner. Time to say Bye-Bye to Complexity, isn’t it?

Generate Guest List

Every Event Organiser would like to know who are my Guests on Event Day? in advance and Guests are comfortable & Event is memorable to them when Event Organiser knows them well. EventME keeps detailed Guest List ready for you on Real Time to enable you to make Event Memorable to Guests. Simply Amazing, isn’t it?

Ticket Validation App

EventME Exclusive Ticket Validation App enables you manage Entry with full comfort, Convenience and Most Importantly Accuracy. Just, Scan QR code printed on Ticket. Simple, Isn’t it?

Device Friendly for Target Audience

EventME is user friendly and Device Friendly. Ticket Buyer can book Events with any of its device in Minutes. Simple, Isn’t It?

Type of Events

Small OR Large whatever type of Event you have, we understand your requirement and empowers you in managing all your Events on EventME. For the purpose of simplicity, we have defined Events as under:

Public Event means Event is open to all and any one can book your Event. For Example: Book Fair, Fun Fair, Property Mela, Sports Tournaments etc.

These Events are posted on public domain of EventME and available for all to book.

Private Event means an Event where Target Audience is defined/closed group of people only. For example: Closed group get together/Picnic, Society events, Inter-employee events, Club/Group event for its members, Intra-college events etc.

These Events are not posted on Public Domain and kept private. Event Organizer sends an invitation to defined/closed group members to book. Hence Privacy of the Event is maintained.

How to Use

You are just 3 Simple steps away from using EventME:
Step 1 One Time
It takes 2 minutes to Register
Step 2 Create
It takes 5 minutes to Create Event
Step 3 Manage
You need not to do anything. EventME does it for YOU.



It's quite Simple. Integrate our logo in your Event communication or promotions. We will do the rest. You can also send personalised E-invites to your guests.

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